Clean Hull Requirements

All vessels entering the Marina must meet these requirements.

  1. If the vessel has been in the vicinity of any locations known to have Caulerpa present in the preceding month (e.g., Aotea (Great Barrier Island), Ahuahu (the Mercury Islands), Waiheke Island, Iris Shoal/Kawau Island, Te Rawhiti (Bay of Islands)), its hull has been inspected and all anchors, chains and other equipment that have been in contact with the seafloor have been cleaned and are free from green algae.
  2. If the vessel is usually moored in the water, its hull has been cleaned within the past six months, or has had an approved anti-foul coating applied within the past 12 months, and that in either case, any fouling on its hull or in niches of the hull does not exceed no more than a slime layer and/or goose barnacles.
  3. If the vessel is usually kept on land, it is free of all ballast water, bilge water, holding tank water or sea water held in any other container.
  4. If the vessel has entered New Zealand waters from international waters, it has been cleared to enter New Zealand waters at a registered Port of First Arrival/Customs Clearance Port, and that the guidance outlined in the MPI CRMS-Biofoul has been followed.

We reserve the right to inspect your vessel at any time to verify compliance with these requirements.

Before entering the Marina, please review all entry requirements for Berthing Vessels and for Visiting Vessels.