Management Plans

Marina Management Plans

Waiheke Marina is managed in accordance with several management plans approved by Auckland Council. These plans set out management and operational procedures that guide day to day operations and environmental management. These plans are subject to regular review and update.

Marina Management Plan
Our official Management Plan for Waiheke Marina, updated November 2023.
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Noise Management Plan
Guidelines and limits for noise mitigation and management in the Marina.
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Water & Sediment Quality Monitoring Plan
Details of our water and sediment monitoring approach, guidelines and procedures.
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Marine & Terrestrial Pest Management Plan
Our Marina is managed in line with Auckland's 10-year plan for biodiversity and biosecurity strategy.
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Kororā Predator Control and Monitoring Plan
Guidelines for the management of predators and protection of kororā (little blue penguin).
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Navigation Risk Assessment and Safety Management Plan
Practices, procedures and controls applied to the management of navigation risk at the Marina.
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Stormwater Operational Management Plan
How our stormwater system will be operated and maintained to ensure environmental effects are minimised.
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