Berthing Vessels - Entry Requirements

A check-list of things to confirm before you berth in Waiheke Marina

Information we need & things to do

Before you can berth in Waiheke Marina there’s a few things you will need to set up and do, and information about your vessel that we will need. All vessels entering Waiheke Marina must meet the requirements outlined below, review our Clean Hull policy and familiarise themselves with our Marina Rules.

Harbour Assist Account
To manage your berth and book services at the Marina, you will need to have a Harbour Assist account. If this is your first visit, you can register for an account below.
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All vessels, owners and masters of vessels must be fully insured with a reputable insurance company in line with our minimum requirements.

Insurance requirements

All vessels to be berthed at the Marina must be fully insured against loss or damage by fire, explosion, storm, tempest, typhoon, earthquake, accidental damage, burglary, act of god and all other usual maritime risks, whilst within, or near, the Marina, and such insurance must include special cover for wreck removal.

In addition, the owner and the Master of the vessel must be insured against liability for claims by third parties in respect of all property damage caused by the vessel within the Marina to a minimum value of $5,000,000 (if the vessel is up to 14m in length) or $10,000,000 (if the vessel is 16m in length or longer).

All insurance policies shall be with a reputable insurance company or office and be current.

A copy of the policy or cover note of insurance must be provided to us prior to your vessel entering the Marina.

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Vessel details
To complete your account setup, our office will require information about your vessel. Please find our vessel detail requirements below and prepare this information ahead of registering for an account.

Vessel detail requirements

The following information about your vessel must be supplied to us:

  • Name, length, and photo showing name
  • Date of last hull clean (for vessels stored on land)
  • Date of expiry of EWOF and copy of certification
  • Confirmation of shore cable test & tag within prior 12 months
  • Copy of gas system certification (as applicable)
  • Details of any holding tanks on board
  • Confirmation of date and type of last anti-foul (per Marina Rules and Anti-Foul Policy)
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Clean Hull
Ensure your vessel meets our clean hull requirements. We reserve the right to inspect your vessel to verify compliance.
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Marina Rules
Familiarise yourself with our Marina Rules. If you break the rules, you will be asked to leave.
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